Join Us for the 13th Annual Attic Treasures and Collectibles Event

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You never know what valuables are hiding in your attic. That watch you’ve held on to for years could be worth a fortune, and it’s time to find out! Our annual Attic Treasures and Collectibles program will be held at the Jones Creek Regional Branch Library, on Saturday, October 5, from 9:00am-1:00pm.

The program is open to the public, and in order to give everyone a chance to be seen, it will be limited to 3 items per person. Knowledgeable specialists in ceramics, coins, jewelry, paintings, pottery, civil war artifacts, antique tools, paper, books, small furniture and vintage items will be available to help identify and evaluate items. For further details please call 270-1928.

Don’t forget to check our antique resources like the p4A Antiques Database (as used by the Antiques Roadshow) our Antiques InfoGuide, and we have lots of useful books in the library catalog.




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