Check Out The Dobsonian Telescope


We’re very excited! The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society (BRAS) has donated a Dobsonian Telescope for circulation. This wonderful piece of stargazing equipment can be checked out by adults and the loan period is 7 days. The telescope will be housed at the Main Library when it is not checked out, so you will have to go there in order to check it out.

To check out the telescope you’ll first need to attend a short presentation. You’ll learn about how it works and get familiarized with the equipment. Once you’ve attended, you’re certified for telescope checkout, and the universe is your oyster.

Here are the first round of brief training session dates:

· Tuesday, 10 am, August 20, Conference Room # 2 and outside
· Monday, 10 am, August 26, Auditorium and outside
· Wednesday, 7 pm August 28, Auditorium and outside
· Thursday, 7 pm August 29, Auditorium and outside

Dobsonian 2013 photo 1 (1)edited

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