Is Your Email Address on Your Library Account?

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If we have your email address on your library account there are some major benefits! The biggest one being that when your ‘on hold’ items become available, you’ll be notified right away. No more waiting for a note to arrive in the mail, during which time you could have been enjoying your book, CD, Blu-ray or DVD.

If you have something overdue, you’ll get a notice before the fines have a chance to build up. (You can also sign up for LibraryElf and get email reminders when an item is due) Email notifications can mean faster pick ups and that can shorten the amount of time folks have to wait on a hold list.  Wow, are there no end to the benefits?!

It’s also better for the environment, emails mean no paper notice has to be printed and no envelope and stamp have to be used. You wouldn’t believe how many notices have to be sent out each week. Next time you’re at the library, check and see if we have your email on file. Rest assured we will never send you spam!

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