Food for Fines Totals

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In the month of December, we ran a program where for each item of food donated to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, a dollar would be taken off a person’s library fines. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The grand total from this year’s Food for Fines food drive is 15,482 pounds, which is equivalent to 12,901 meals. Below is the breakdown per branch:

· Baker: 857 pounds

· Bluebonnet: 1,664 pounds

· Carver: 668 pounds

· Central: 807 pounds

· Delmont: 948 pounds

· Eden Park: 685 pounds

· Main Library: 4,091 pounds

· Greenwell Springs: 1,317 pounds

· Jones Creek: 1,852 pounds

· Pride-Chaneyville: 227 pounds

· River Center: 228 pounds

· Scotlandville: 514 pounds

· Zachary: 1,624 pounds

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

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