Mango Languages App: Now for Android!

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We’re really excited to announce that the Mango Languages app is now also available for Android as well as for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Use our fantastic language learning database on the go.

The free Mango Languages app offers access to 35 foreign language courses and 15 English as a second language courses.

Features include:

  • Full access to all EBRPL Mango courses
  • Interactive phonetic spellings
  • Semantic color mapping
  • Articulated-speed and fluent-speed pronunciations
  • Literal translations and understood meanings
  • Grammar notes
  • Cultural notes
  • Strategic memory building exercises
  • Critical thinking exercises

To get started, head over to our Mango Languages database. After entering your library card number, create a Mango account (email address and password), then use that email address and password to log in to the app. For more information about Mango Languages and other language resources available at the library, please visit our Language Learning InfoGuide

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