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The days of the Food Pyramid are over. Yes, that Ancient Wonder of the World of Healthy Eating we all grew up with has been replaced by a plate. A plain old plate. Sigh…

ChooseMyPlate has replaced the Pyramid as an easy-to-understand visual cue to help us all adopt healthy eating habits consistent with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  That makes sense, really. We eat off a plate, not a building. Now, using the easily-understandable plate metaphor, all Americans should be able to make better choices. The Plate is partitioned into 4 food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins – with dairy on the side.

The Plate doesn’t really show you what proportions of these foods you should be eating; however, there are some very cool interactive tools on the site that can get you started on a healthy eating plan. There are daily food plans for moms, toddlers and everyone else. There’s a food tracker that is very extensive!  And there’s a menu planner to help you eat to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Pretty cool.

So forget about eating like the pharaohs and move into the 21st century. Eat like a modern American — Visit

One thought on “ChooseMyPlate

  1. Choose my plate is a very interesting topic for me,because it helped me to know about my diet.I suggest everyone to follow this one.It has covered everything.

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