America’s Scenic Byways

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Flying’s a drag. It’s expensive, time-consuming and uncomfortable. So why not take a road trip the next time you want to get out of town? If you’re looking for a great scenic drive for your next vacation, check out this site for ideas: America’s Scenic Byways

In our area alone, you can traverse the Great River Road, the Natchez Trace and the Creole Nature Trail. Go a little further afield and you can explore the Talladega Scenic Drive, the Selma to Montgomery March Byway, and the Big Bend Scenic Byway (that’s in Florida). This site tells you all about the drive — what to see and do, photos along the way, maps and directions. All you need is the car!

So don’t waste your time in an airplane. Load up the family and see the USA in your Chevrolet — or Asian sub-compact…

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