Classic Noir Movies @ the Library

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This month we’ll be showing some noir classics in honor of the One Book One Community title, Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon. Dr. Valerie Holliday, Chair of Speech, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, and Entertainment at BRCC, will lead this series, each beginning at 7pm @ the Main Library.

The Maltese Falcon, Thursday, April 7
Join ace private investigator Sam Spade as he proves he’s no sap when it comes to negotiating a mystery thick with dangerous dames, goons, con-men, coppers, and the statue of a bird. Will Spade get his man or the wrong end of a gun?

Mildred Pierce, Thursday April 14
Mildred Pierce is a woman determined and driven to improve her status in life as she tries to satisfy the demands of a spoiled daughter. Will divorce, family tragedy, and business turmoil stop her cold in her tracks? Or has she already gone too far?

Double Indemnity, Thursday, April 21 (Your blogger’s personal favorite!)
A smooth-talking insurance salesman gets more than he bargains for when he encounters the mysterious Phyllis, who turns his policy into a proposition hard to refuse. As an investigator starts to untangle a web of lies and betrayal, can murder be too far behind? Or was it just an accident?

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