ACT & SAT Exam Practice and Review Sessions

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Get ready for the ACT and SAT exam with these practice tests, followed up with a test review session. This free program is sponsored the Princeton Review. Space is limited so call and register before all the slots fill up. SAT registration opens January 3, 2011 and ACT registration opens January 10, 2011. Remember to bring #2 pencils and a calculator and arrive at least 15 minutes early!

SAT Practice and Review Session

Branch: Test: Review session:
Main Library               231-3770 Sat, Jan. 29th 9:30-2:00pm Thurs, Feb. 3rd    @ 6:30pm

ACT Practice and Review Sessions

Branch: Test: Review session:
Jones Creek Library 756-1170 Sat, Feb. 12th 9:30-1:00pm Wed, Feb. 16th     @6:30pm
Zachary Library 658-1870 Sat, Feb. 12th 9:30-1:00pm Thurs, Feb. 17th  @6:30pm
Bluebonnet Library 763-2270 Sat, Feb. 12th 9:30-1:00pm Mon, Feb. 21st @6:30pm
Delmont Gardens Library 354-7070 Sat, Feb. 12th 9:30-1:00pm Tues, Feb. 15th @6:30pm
Main Library 231-3770 Sat, Feb. 12th 9:30-1:00pm Thurs, Feb. 17th @6:30pm

If you’re looking for a study guide be sure to check the library catalog, and our test preparation database Learning Express!

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