Live @ Chelsea’s: The New Season!

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Live @ Chelsea’s is back! The first show of the season is November 17, 6:30pm-8:30pm and will be a Swamp Blues extravaganza featuring Chicago Al and Larry Garner.

Come out and enjoy this free show and great food at Chelsea’s Cafe located at 2857 Perkins Road. For more information call the library at 231-3750.

Upcoming Schedule (provisional and subject to change- we’ll keep you posted in The Source, on Facebook and Twitter)

11/17: Chicago Al with Larry Garner

12/15: Larry Garner

1/19: Henry Gray

2/16: Kenny Acosta with Jared Daigle

3/16: Elvin Killerbee and Ryan Patterson

4/20: TBA

Photo by Steve Garry Some Rights Reserved

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