Overdrive’s App Rocks!

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If you love the convenience of listening to audiobooks on your iDevice or smartphone, you’ll definitely want to get Overdrive’s app for iDevices, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile.

With it, you can download mp3 format audiobooks (not WMA format) directly to your mobile device without having to go through your computer. It does limit what books you can use, but it’s really convenient — especially if you aren’t near your computer.

To get the app, visit our Overdrive guide

The apps are free.  (Hint: when you use the app, the downloads go better with a wireless connection — 3G can be so slow that the download times out.)

Sad that you can’t directly download ebooks to your iPad?  Overdrive says that an app is in the works — target date:  Christmas.  Keep your fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Overdrive’s App Rocks!

  1. I love the library – myself and many of my friends are patrons and support library programs. Thanks for all your hard work and helpful services and especially for being able to offer material for mobile devices. You are beautiful people.

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