See the New Bookmobile!

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We’re really excited about the new bookmobile that allows us to bring resources out to the community. You can read about it in The Source and if you’d like to see it for yourself, the bookmobile will be on show this month!

Sunday, September 12:
Main Library (All Day)

Monday, September 20:
Greenwell Springs 10-11:30am, Central 2:30-4pm, Eden Park 4:30-6pm

Tuesday, September 21:
Delmont Gardens 10-11:30am, Scotlandville 2:30-4pm

Wednesday, September 22:
Baker 10-11:30am, Pride-Chaneyville 2-3:30pm, Zachary 4-6pm

Thursday, September 23:
Carver 9:30-11am, River Center 3:30-6pm

Tuesday, September 28:
Jones Creek 11-12:30pm, Bluebonnet 2:30-4pm

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