Elvis is Forever!!

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The world of visual art has become a repository for images of Elvis—tributary, allegorical, and satirical. Elvis Presley is the subject of works—in every form and medium possible—by artists from all over the world. His face is no longer the face of an entertainer — it is the face of an icon whose character echoes the views and passions of the artists who portray him.

Echoes of Elvis – an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery – is exploring the phenomenon of Elvis imagery with an exhibit of outstanding Elvis images in every conceivable media. Their website shows only a few of the works on display, but they’re good ones and well worth a visit to the site. Check it out!!

And for more Elvis love…

Download Elvis’ hits on Freegal (you can download 3/week)

And listen to an oddly Dixieland-ish version of All Shook Up here (the clarinet solo is amazing!)

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