Downtown Art & Walking Tour

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We’ve put together a map highlighting some of the great public art and places of interest to visit in downtown Baton Rouge.

There are so many fantastic sights to see, all nice and close to one another. Take a stroll and be a tourist for the day.

You can print out the map and key to follow the tour or for the more tech oriented, run it straight from your smart phone! Click the pic to go to the map

2 thoughts on “Downtown Art & Walking Tour

  1. Some of the places listed on the map are for their art or architecture rather than historical importance. If you click the number on the map itself, you will get a brief explanation of what it is about the location that is noteworthy. The Louisiana State Museum does offer fantastic free regular guided walking tours of historic places downtown that you might be interested in. For info about these tours you can call them at 342-5428 or see this link:

  2. I’d love to do a walking tour of Baton Rouge. I’m trying to find information on some of the places mentioned on this map and why they are important before I make my trip downtown, and I’m coming up empty-handed on places like the Claiborne building and the N 3rd St. address. I may have to create my own walking tour to focus on historical places in the city.

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