Board Games with Scott — Get your GEEK on!!

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Looking for a new board game to play with friends and family after a holiday feast? Or maybe you would rather interact with people face-to-face than battle to the death online? Or are you just tired of the tried and true games of your childhood?

Well — Game Master, Scott Nicholson, can help you attain board game nirvana with reviews of new games to replace those old standbys, Monopoly and Risk.

Board Games with Scott

Nicholson deconstructs games you never heard of: Why Did the Chicken…?, Cleopatra & the Society of Architects, Formula D, and about 50 other board games — many of them imports from Europe that have been re-worked to appeal to the American market.

In his video reviews, he shows the pieces/parts, discusses the rules and explains play. And while they may not be the most scintillating viewing, these video reviews will give you a clear idea of what the games are about so you can get your board game geek on without wasting your hard-earned money.

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