Business Person of the Month: Gloria & Lee Easterwood

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Gloria and Lee Easterwood

Red Stick Spice Company, located in Jefferson Plaza shopping center, carries spices in flavors from anise seed to wasabi; custom blends and rubs; vinegars and oils; various sea salts; and artisan foods. The store also features a wide variety of loose teas which customers can have blended to taste. “This is a place where people can expand their palates,” says Lee. “Most people think of spice and they think, ‘hot stuff,’ but it can be much more than that.”

One of the unique features of their shop is that they are willing to sell any amount of their spices, taking the risk out of trying out a new spice. “Basically, our concept is that a person can find a recipe online or in a magazine and come to our store to get just the amount they need to try it.” Read More…

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