Something New: Photography

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Photography is a great pastime and of course there are so many wonderful sights, people and places to photograph in Louisiana. If you’re looking to improve your photography technique or at least reach the point where you’re not chopping the heads off people in pictures, here are some books to help!

Basic Techniques of Photography

Complete Book of Photography : How to Improve your Pictures with a Film or Digital Camera

Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers

National Audubon Society Guide to Nature Photography

Ultimate Field Guide to Photography

Understanding Composition : The Complete Photographer’s Guide


One thought on “Something New: Photography

  1. Y’all have great photography books in Safari Books Online too. I’ve used several of them and they really helped me out. There are alos photography books in overdrive. I like it that I don’t have to always come to the library to check out books. thx for a great service!

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