Martin Luther King, Jr.

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On Monday January 18, we celebrate the achievements of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.  Here is a fantastic website of resources from the Martin Luther King, Jr Research and Education Institute. You can read all about the man and listen to his landmark speeches.

There are also many events being held at the library, here are but a few of them, for full listings see our daily calendar:

January 9, 2:30pm, Eden Park Branch Martin’s Big Words
January 9, 2:30pm, River Center Branch ‘I Have a Dream’

January 12, 10:00am, Greenwell Spring Rd Branch Crazy ‘Bout History: Bringing to Life Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 14, 4:00pm, Carver Branch Unity-Dr. King’s Dream

January 16, 10am, Baker Branch African-American Heroes: Martin Luther King Jr. and Justice Sunday

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