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July 18, 2014

The Library has a wonderful new resource available called PolicyMap, a powerful mapping platform that displays a wide variety of data brought together from a number of agencies. You can choose statistics for a given area that will be displayed on a map. Multiple data points can be layered over each other to identify patterns as well. There are pre-created reports that can be quickly accessed and printed for patrons. This is a bit different from our usual resources as it can only accessed by staff, but patrons can request information from PolicyMap from the Reference Department of their local branch. Staff can research a request and print information from PolicyMap for any patron for free. Some of the data you’ll find in PolicyMap includes: • Demographics • Incomes & Spending • Housing • Lending • Quality of Life • Jobs • Education • Health • Federal Guidelines median age of baton rouge midcity screenshot policymap


ReferenceUSA Training Seminars

July 11, 2014

Sign up for these free webinars that will help you get the most out of our powerful ReferenceUSA database. Attendees will need an internet connection and a phone line to participate. Below are the rest of the dates through September in the “Summertime and the Searchin’ Is Easy” series.


Search Essentials: The Basics of ReferenceUSA

Day/Date: Fridays (July 11 (today), 18; August 8, 15; September 5, 12, 19)

Time: 11:00 am (1 hour)

Designed for the patron new to using our database, this hour-long session will cover all the basics of getting started with ReferenceUSA. The training will cover the Four Essentials anyone, particularly anyone new to ReferenceUSA, would want to know in order to be successful using the resource. This is also a great opportunity for current users to learn some new tips, tricks, and techniques. Click here to register for any of the session dates.

Start, Manage, and Grow Your Business Using ReferenceUSA

Day/Date: Mondays (July 14, 28; August 11, 25; September 8, 15, 29)

Time: 2:00 pm (1 Hour)

Entrepreneurs and business owners will learn how to use ReferenceUSA to find the mission critical information necessary to start, manage and grow a business. Topics include: • name search for business • locate hard to find vendors, both locally and nationally • locate subject manager experts and professional services • find investors, venture capitalists and angels • network with other businesses in your area or in your industry • develop relationships with related business for co-branding opportunities • understand community demographics • survey locations for expansion • conduct competitive analysis • plan delivery routes and service areas • source new employees

Click here to register.

Uncovering the Hidden Job Market: Career Search Strategies Using ReferenceUSA

Day/Date: Wednesdays (July 30; August 13, 27; September 10, 17)

Time: 2:00 pm (1 Hour)

Attendees will learn how to use ReferenceUSA as part of their Career Searching Strategy. Included will be information on the importance of having accurate information for applications and resumes, creating engaging cover letters, assembling a network of references and referrers, finding key persons at a business to act as mentors, building datasets of potential employers based on skill set, work history, and preferences as well as how to prepare for interviews and interactions through thorough research. We will also explore the New! Jobs & Internship module which adds a new dimension to job searching. Click here to register.

ReferenceUSA Consumer & Lifestyle Data

Day/Date: Select Tuesdays (August 26, September 9)

Time: 2:00 pm (1 hour)

Ever wonder how marketers and advertisers ‘target’ specific messages to you? Find out how you access the same type of data for your neighborhood or city. Anyone who is interested in understanding the purchase preferences of a community will find this data both interesting and informative. Learn how to navigate this section of ReferenceUSA and then apply the data to your needs. Click here to register.

ReferenceUSA Big Data & Mapping

Day/Date: Alternating Tuesdays (July 29, August 26, September 30)

Time: 2:00pm (1 hour)

Data Visualization is the next BIG thing in data. Going beyond static lists of information, ReferenceUSA can help you ‘visualize’ data elements on a map. Great for understanding how locations relate to each other or seeing densities within a specific area, the ReferenceUSA mapping tools give you a new and powerful way to better understand the landscape. Learn how to build a map to display results and how to manipulate the mapping tools to your advantage. Click here to register.

ReferenceUSA Historical Business Data

Day/Date: Alternating Tuesdays (July 15, August 12, September 16)

Time: 2:00pm (1 hour)

One of the essential requirements for planning for the future is to understand the past. ReferenceUSA has been compiling Business and Consumer data for many years and this data has been available in file format for advanced research projects. In response to the increased interest in accessing historical business information, ReferenceUSA has developed an innovative online tool for librarians, research professionals and library patrons to connect to
powerful information that presents a vivid picture of what the business landscape looked like in a given area at a given point in time. Click here to register.


Spring Job Fair

May 28, 2014

job fair 2014-1-page-0

The Baton Rouge Business and Career Solutions Center is holding a job fair tomorrow, May 29, in the atrium of the Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel & Casino. Free parking is available in the garage. Military veterans are invited started at 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. and the general public is invited from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Please call (225) 358-4579 or (225) 925-4312 for further information.


Baton Rouge Room and Career Center Now at New Main

May 15, 2014

The Baton Rouge Room and the Career Center, both formerly at the River Center Branch Library downtown, are now at the Main Library at Goodwood.

The Career Center serves employees who are being terminated, those seeking new skills and responsibilities in the current workplace, those just entering or re-entering the work force, and those looking to change careers. Visit the Career Center website for details on the services offered, upcoming events, and more. The Career Center is located on the first floor of the new Main Library and is open on Mondays and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and on Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. but may be subject to change. Up-to-date schedules will be posted on the Career Center door and on the Career Center Facebook page. The career coach is also available by appointment so please see the website for contact information.

The Baton Rouge Room is located on the second floor (Adult Reference). Check out the Baton Rouge Room InfoGuide and its Digital Library for more on the collections offered in Baton Rouge’s very own city archives. The Baton Rouge Room is currently staffed Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. but the hours will be expanding soon. We are not a browsing collection so it is best to call ahead and discuss your research needs before you arrive to make sure we have what you are looking for. Check the reading room policy for further information.

We hope to see you soon!


Business Person of the Month: Amy Traylor

May 7, 2014


The Buddy Loft

Amy Traylor, Owner
711 Jefferson Hwy. #5
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Favorite Quote: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Emerson

The Buddy Loft, open since November 2013, is a specialty store that caters to the needs of “pets and their people.” Owner Amy Traylor named the store after her basset hound Buddy to honor his memory and to help people connect with and care for their animal friends.

buddy-loft-2Traylor adopted Buddy in the summer of 2011 and cared for him until he passed away from cancer a year and a half later. He was a friendly dog who loved to jump, twirl, and cuddle. Buddy spent a lot if time at the Cane’s Dog Park on Burbank often stopping for anyone who took time to give him attention. Even though Buddy is no longer with us, his spirit is alive at the Buddy Loft.

The Buddy Loft is not your typical pet store. The store’s inventory is eclectic, always changing as Amy finds new vendors and items. The shelves are stocked with many locally made items and if an item cannot be found locally, special orders are accepted. The store offers organic treats for pets, toys for children and dogs, and t-shirts and jewelry with animal themes for adults. The Buddy Loft also carries blankets and throws, pillows, towels, mugs, Christmas ornaments, and other home decorations that showcase the love of animals.

Amy and her family moved from Houston to Lecompte, Louisiana (near Alexandria), when she was seven to help with a family restaurant, Lea’s. Opened by Amy’s grandfather in 1928, Lea’s is well known for its southern comfort, down-home cooking. Amy’s grandparents ran the restaurant – they cooked, served, cleaned and did anything else that needed to be done. The plan was for the family to stay a year and help the family through a crisis but they never left. Both of Amy’s brothers are still in the restaurant business.

As a child, Amy always wanted to own her own business. She liked to play shopkeeper when she was young; she even had her own toy cash register. Amy’s work career began in the hospitality business and while working for someone else, her “entrepreneur voice” was screaming to get out.

Before she opened the Buddy Loft, Amy did a lot of market research on pet stores, pet products and people, pets, and toys. Although there are a lot of websites on how to set up a small business, she relied mostly on books for research. Amy studied business plans and books on running a business and how to make it work. She also found books on how to lay out the shop to its best advantage. Amy visited several grooming stores, pet stores, and “big box” stores with pet sections in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. She studied what they offered and discovered that there wasn’t a store in the area exclusively catering to pets and their owners. It was then that Amy decided to open The Buddy Loft.

Being raised in a small business atmosphere gave Amy a first-hand look at their role in the community. She believes that small businesses are the backbone of the community and it is vital for the city to support them. Amy sees the community as an extended family that cares about each other. Since moving to Baton Rouge in 2002, Amy considers this her home and couldn’t imagine opening her business anywhere else.

Art is very important to Amy including her hobby of photography which allows her to look at the world through a camera lens and see things she did not realize were there. Amy is supportive of all arts (music, visual, literature). She owns a painting of Buddy done by Simon Baxter, a local artist who specializes in pet portraits. The Buddy Loft also carries art work by local artists.

As a child, Amy remembers growing up with her mother reading to her and spending summers at the library. To share her love of reading, Amy started a “little free library” in her neighborhood and encourages others to do so.


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